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Teufelberger Tachyon spLIFE Rope - Double Splice - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Teufelberger Tachyon spLIFE Rope - Double Splice

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Revolutionary Flexifirm™ Core Technology results in a lightweight 11.5mm climbing line that stays firm and round while permitting spliced eyes in one or both ends of the line using a double braid splice. Tachyon™ performs well in popular hardware designed for use with 11mm ropes. The product's firm yet flexible design and superior strand definition significantly improve friction hitch performance without the "bagginess" that occurs with other 11mm ropes. The firm, round cross-section also improves grip for less hand fatigue without the added bulk and weight of a half-inch rope.

Comes with the Teufelberger patented [slaice]®

1) Flexible: The end of the slaice is extremely flexible making it easy to use with a friction/cambium saver device.

2) Slim: Extremely thin compared to a normally spliced eye, the spliced part of the rope is barely thicker than the rest of the rope

3) Doubled safety for thinner rope types: The design of [slaice]® makes it possible to carry a Dyneema® strap along in the eye. This way, the load is not only carried by the sheath, but also by the inner Dyneema® strap

4) Compact: The seam of [slaice]® is only 42 mm long, however, it still meets the requirements of EN 1891:1998 A. The length from the loop to the seam is approx. 100 mm. This results in a total length of approx. 142 mm. Compared to a conventional splice, this termination is several times shorter.

  • Complete with two spliced eyes
  • Improved grip and reduced hand fatigue
  • Works in popular hardware designed for use with 11mm ropes
  • Easily spliced on one or both ends using conventional double braid splice
Diameter Weight Tensile
lbs/100' g/m lbs kg
7/16" (11.5mm) 6.3 93.7 7,100