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Yale XTC Energize Spliced Rope - 11.7mm - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Yale XTC Energize Spliced Rope - 11.7mm

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YALE ENERGIZE is a technically advanced 24-strand CE certified low stretch Double Braid rope designed especially for the tree care industry.

Building on the YALE Cordage philosophy “Passion for the pursuit of better performance” the 11.7mm diameter provides the perfect balance between the weight of the 11mm climbing line and the feel of the 12.6mm climbing line; the vibrant Orange & Yellow colours guarantee exceptional visibility in the tree.

The vibrant 24-strand outer sheaf is made from a premium grade Polyester with an energy-absorbing Nylon inner core designed to offer exceptional performance when used in conjunction with modern-day climbing techniques and mechanical ascent/descent devices.

Whether you are a traditional Arborist using traditional climbing techniques or a more advanced climber, ENERGIZE is suited to both MRT (Moving Rope Technique) or SRT (Stationary Rope Technique) climbing systems.

YALE Cordage XTC ENERGIZE is CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A

  • 1 x Spliced eye
  • Diameter - 11.7mm
  • Double braided rope
  • 24 strand