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Skyland Advanced Tree Rigging Kit vendor-unknown
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Skyland Advanced Tree Rigging Kit

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The advanced rigging kit is suited for the larger trees. Strong pulleys and blocks included in this kit make for most sized trees in to be able to be dismantled safely and smoothly. Included is an extra pulley from DMM for redirects.

Kit includes

  • 1 x Teufelberger Sirius Rope - 16mm x 70m & 1 spliced eye
  • 1 x Marlow dead eye sling - 18mm x 5m
  • 1 x Marlow whoopie sling - 0.9 - 3.6m
  • 1 x DMM Large Rigging Hub Plate
  • 1 x DMM Impact block - Large
  • 1 x DMM Pinto Rig Pulley
  • 4 x DMM Steel Oval Carabiner
  • 1 x DMM Steel Kletterstieg Carabiner
  • 1 x Rigging sling 1T x1m
  • 1 x Rigging sling 3T x3m
  • 1 x Rigging sling 5T x3m
  • 2 x Lyon slings - 18mm x 100cm
  • 1 x Stein RC2001 Lowering device
  • 1 x Arbortec Cobra Rope Bag - 65L


    Teufelberger Sirius Rope 52kN
    Marlow dead eye sling 58kN
    Marlow whoopie sling 46.5kN
    DMM Large Rigging Hub Plate 50kN
    DMM Impact block - Large 300kN
    DMM Pinto Rig Pulley 50kN
    DMM Steel Oval Carabiner 30kN
    DMM Steel Kletterstieg Carabiner 45kN
    Rigging sling 1T x1m 10kN
    Rigging sling 3T x3m 30kN
    Rigging sling 5T x3m 50kN
    Lyon slings - 18mm x 100cm 25kN
    Stein RC2001 Lowering device 20kN