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Beal Jammy Beal
Beal Jammy Beal
Beal Jammy Beal
Beal Jammy Beal
Beal Jammy Beal
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Beal Jammy

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The Beal Jammy is a highly-resistant, light, and supple 5.5mm sewn rope sling to be used as a prusik on abseil descents or to create a rope clamp for quick hauling. The Beal Jammy features a polyamide sheath that increases its pliability in order to grip smaller diameter ropes more firmly. A Technora aramid core gives the Jammy a high-resistance to deformation through repeated folding to expand its overall performance lifespan. Extremely lightweight and compact. Can be used with single or half rope, on one or both half ropes.


  • Light and flexible rope sling to increase control of abseil descents and for hauling, even on smaller diameter ropes
  • Sewing protected by a heat shrunk sleeve
  • Very high resistance to repeated folding thanks to Technora aramid core
  • Polyamide sheath enhances rope handling characteristics
  • Unmatched lightness compared to mechanical systems.
  • Recommended knot: Machard and braided Machard (depending on the use)

WARNING: Before use, the Prusik efficiency must be checked by the climber with its own rope. It may be necessary to make an extra turn, for example when using a new rope.