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DMM Carabiner Aero Offset D - Screwgate
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DMM Carabiner Aero Offset D - Screwgate

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With the Aero Offset D you get a hot forged biner with a neat design and a clean, keylock nose to reduce snagging.


  • The classic entry level locker biner
  • Keylock nose
  • Generous rope radius
  • Deep gate bend for easy rope clipping
  • Very strong construction
Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight
25kN 9kN 9kN 17mm 59g


The Screwgate is the original, classic, double-action gate mechanism and is still the most secure mechanism in many situations. Despite it not being auto-locking, in the hands of a competent user they can offer many advantages over their auto-lock rivals. Screwgates can be unlocked, have the gate opened, a component clipped and then re-locked with one hand only. This can be crucial in some rope access situations for instance. To do all of this one-handed with an auto-locking connector is challenging to say the least. Even this classic design has undergone continuous evolution and our modern barrels feature a new screw knurled profile to assist gripping in wet or icy conditions as well as increased strengths. We have recently increased the thickness of the gate and thimble to improve the thimble/latch overlap, giving greater security especially across the minor axis (loading across the gate). 

All of our screwgates have an in-built limiter to stop the barrel from being over-tightened onto the nose when loaded. This can be especially dangerous when managing a casualty in a two person rescue as it can make escaping the system extremely problematic.

Top Tip: To prevent a screwgate from vibrating unlocked, simply invert it so that any downward movement vibrates it to the locked position.