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Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle - Aluminium Kelly Kettle
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Kelly Kettle - Aluminium

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Now supplied with Stainless Steel firebase, more durable compared to the previous aluminium base.

* the *main photograph is not too exact scale**

  • A highly efficient Outdoor camp kettle that is suitable for solo campers, Trekkers, Hikers, Kayakers, Backpackers, Bikers, and all outdoors enthusiasts who need to keep their pack light.
  • A great addition to your Car Camping gear and a vital item for a Wilderness Survival Kit or Disaster Kit.
  • This lightweight aluminium kettle fits neatly into its own drawstring carrying bag which can be put into or carried hanging from a Rucksack or Backpack.
  • As there is no need to carry fuel, this camping equipment 'kit' will keep your pack light and save you money at the same time - never worry about running out of fuel again!
  • Using any naturally occurring solid fuel (sticks, pine cones, dry camel dung! etc.) this unit will operate perfectly well, even in the most extreme weather conditions or terrain.
  • The Kettle brings water to a rolling boil within a matter of minutes while you reheat or cook food at the same time using the cook set on the pot-support over the chimney of the kettle. In this way, a very small amount of fuel will both boil your water and cook your meal at the same time!



  • Capacity..... 0.6 litres
  • Height .......27cm/10.6" (packed)
  • Diameter....14cm/5.5"
  • Weight............0.5kg/1.1lb


  • Capacity.... 1.2 litres
  • Height ....... 27cm/10.6" (packed)
  • Diameter....18.5cm/7.3" (widest point at Rim of fire Base)
  • Weight............0.7kg/1.5lb


Base Camp

  • Capacity..... 1.6 litres
  • Height ....... 34cm/13" (packed)
  • Diameter....18.5cm/7.3" (widest point at rim of fire base)
  • Weight............0.8kg/1.8lb

Stainless Steel Vs Aluminium

For decades Kelly Kettles were made from Aluminium, and these kettles have been known to last for literally decades! However, in recent years there has been significant demand, primarily from the North American market, for a Stainless Steel version of our kettle. Hence, we developed and introduced the steel model of 'Base Camp' kettle in early 2009.

Stainless Steel is slightly heavier than Aluminium however; it is a stronger metal and therefore more resilient to dents.

The Aluminium kettle boils slightly faster than its steel twin as Aluminium conducts heat faster than steel. The Aluminium kettle is cheaper than its Stainless Steel twin.

Stainless Steel kettles should be dried off and stored in a Dry location to prolong the life of the kettle. There is no need to dry off Aluminium kettles and they require very little care - aluminium kettles have been known to literally, last a lifetime.

There should be no 'taste' of either metal.

Note: If you were considering doing a lot of cooking on the fire base, then the Stainless Steel Kettle is the best option. The Steel kettles come with a steel base which is more suitable to cooking than the aluminium base, as Steel has a melting point almost twice that of Aluminium. We already have Stainless Steel Cook sets available which are designed to fit inside the steel bases for transport and we will be launching a new 'Steel 'Hobo Stove' attachment in late 2012 which will make cooking on the fire base even easier!

That’s it really…..the choice is yours!