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Marlow Venom Rope Blue/Yellow 11.8mm Marlow
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Marlow Venom Rope Blue/Yellow 11.8mm

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A tree climbing rope designed to work with mechanical hitches such as the Petzl Zigzag and ART Spiderjack.

Marlow Venom is a static lightweight rope that has a diameter of 11.8mm and is constructed from nylon. This makes the rope not only light in weight but also ensures a firm grip from the user.

The braided nylon core and a 24 plait jacket makes the makes the rope very flexible but also very hard wearing

Price is per metre

Also available in hanked lenfths with a spliced eye, see link below

Lengths with spliced eye


  • Diameter (mm): 11.8

  • Sheath Slippage: 0%

  • 50-150kg Elongation (%): 3.7

  • Shrinkage (%): 4.5

  • Mass Core (g/m): 51.8

  • Mass Cover (g/m): 37.7

  • Mass Rope (g/m): 89.7

  • Material: Polyamide

  • Test Standard: EN 1891 Type A