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Skyland Basic Tree Rigging Kit
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Skyland Basic Tree Rigging Kit

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A basic tree rigging kit put together by our arborists for the simple removals of large branches and small to medium trees. This basic kit is simple and effective. The 14mm Draco is a super strong braided rope with a nylon core also making it ideal for the natural crotch and pulley rigging.

The ropes can also be used as a pulling rope.

All items are CE certified.

Kit includes
  • 1 x 50m Marlow Draco 14mm - MBL - 49.40kN
  • 1 x Treehog Flying Capstan Lowering Device - MBS 45kN, WLL 10kN
  • 1 x Treehog Sling 5T x 3m - For attaching the capstan to the tree - Minimum Break Load 50kN
  • 1 x Singing Rock steel carabiner - Strength - 50kN
  • 1 x Treehog Sling - 1T x 1m - Strength - 10kN
  • 1 x Treehog rope bag - 40 Litre

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