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Skyland Lanyard Kit DMM / Marlow
Skyland Lanyard Kit DMM / Marlow
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Skyland Lanyard Kit

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The Skyland lanyard kit has been put together by our experts. It is a simple kit with a strong, flexible and lightweight rope. The system uses the VT knot or French prusik and the pulley pushes the cord along the rope for a smooth action.

The carabiners come from DMM, the Ultra Oval is the perfect carabiner to hold the lanyard in place on the harness and the Shadow is small and compact perfect for the change over carabiner due its size.

This Lanyard Kit Comprises of -

  • 1 X DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner. - 25kN
  • 1 X DMM Shadow Locksafe Carabiner. - 24kN
  • 1 X Petzl Oscillante Swing Cheek Pulley.
  • 5m Marlow Venom Blue (Red if no blue is in stock) 11.8mm rope.
  • 2m Marlow Boa friction cord.

Please note you have to make the lanyard up.

We only provide all the kit.