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Teufelberger Arbor Elite Spliced Rope - 12.7mm
Teufelberger Arbor Elite Spliced Rope - 12.7mm
Teufelberger Arbor Elite Spliced Rope - 12.7mm
Teufelberger Arbor Elite Spliced Rope - 12.7mm
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Teufelberger Arbor Elite Spliced Rope - 12.7mm

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Arbor Elite, using the newly designed slaiced eye, the new ideal entry-level climbing rope, offers excellent value for money.

Arbor Elite consists of a 16-strand braided polyester cover and parallel nylon cores. It features excellent knot holding capabilities and feels good to hold when climbing. The durability of this rope was increased by a strong twist of the cover material. During use, the cover is compacted onto the core, which further enhances stability.

  • Length 35m
  • EN 1891 A
  • 12.7mm Diameter
  • 112 g/m
  • Min breaking strength - 2800(daN), 6300 (lbs)

What is Slaiced?

Slaiced is basically the same as a spliced eye but the inner cord is removed thus making a much neater, tighter eye which is pretty much streamlined with the rope allowing more use with cambium savers and pulleys when retrieving them from the ground.

One of the latest assets in TEUFELBERGER‘s product portfolio is its patented [slaice]® rope termination. This unique combination of splicing and stitching is available for the Tachyon, Braided Safety Blue, Arbor Elite, and Fly climbing ropes. [slaice]® offers its users several significant advantages over conventional splices or stitchings:

1) Flexible: The end of [slaice]® is about as flexible as a rope. Hence, it facilitates its installation in a cambium saver. The termination adapts perfectly to the rings and thus defines the direction of the pull. The lower pulling force makes the installation easier, as there will be no leverage effect caused by a stiffer splice.
2) Slim: In the case of [slaice]®, a thickened portion which normally occurs on spliced ropes is practically non-existent. The design of this innovative termination hardly exceeds the rope‘s diameter. The seam is made using TEUFELBERGER‘s standard [tnt] resin-based seam protector technology. The result of all these components is an easier handling of the termination.
3) Doubled safety for thinner rope types (Tachyon and Fly):
The design of [slaice]® makes it possible to carry a Dyneema® strap along in the eye. This way, the load is not only carried by the sheath, but also by the inner Dyneema® strap. The [slaice]® termination complies with the requirements of EN 1891:1998 for Type A ropes.
4) Compact: The seam of [slaice]® is only 42 mm long, however, it still meets the requirements of EN 1891:1998 A. The length from the loop to the seam is approx. 100 mm. This results in a total length of approx. 142 mm. Compared to a conventional splice, this termination is several times shorter.
5) Light-weight: The [slaice]® technology helps achieve a weight reduction, as the amount of material is reduced compared to a conventional splice. This, in turn, contributes toward enhancing the safety for the work in trees.