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Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1
Wild Country Ropeman 1
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Wild Country Ropeman 1

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Smoother in the hand, and a touch lighter the revamped Ropeman 1 now comes with hot forged side plates that help to optimize the fit and function across a broader range of karabiners.

This original but revamped Ropeman is the lightest of the three, has an aluminium cam and is designed for ropes over 10mm in diameter. The Ropeman 1 was the brainchild of a climber and designer who had presented other good ideas to Wild Country before and when we saw this it was pretty obvious this was the real deal and would be a big hit. And so it proved.

The initial success of the Ropeman 1 was that it was the first device to challenge people to carry more than simply two bits of rope to make ‘prusiks’ for emergency rescue. This was due to its small size and lightweight, and it’s easy to see why when two of them could be carried discreetly for less weight than some quickdraws.

However, the big leap for the Ropeman proved to be when guides and other climbers picked it up as having many more uses than it was initially thought and it became an essential mountain tool for a range of activities, not only was it being carried to replace ‘prusiks’ as a rescue tool but guides were used in combination with magic plates and on bolt belays to protect clients as well as a host of other activities.

A great all-round tool the Ropeman 1 is a classic and a bestseller and still the lightest of the three Ropeman we make. Features Alloy cam 7075 T6, 3 Sigma rated, Rope diameter 10-13mm. CE EN567, UIAA 126. New set available with Synergy Keylock Screwgate.


    • Weight - 62g
    • For ropes of 10 - 13mm dia
    • Strength - 15kN
    • CE EN 567