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                    Offering specialist equipment to the arb, forestry and landscape sectors, at Skyland Equipment you will find a competitive range of top quality axes, hatchets and mauls. Whether you are looking for a log splitting axe or a carpenters axe, at Skyland Equipment we have a wide selection of the essential equipment that you will need when out on the job.

                    Always providing our customers with the highest level of quality, we only sell leading brands to ensure lasting durability and performance. Some of the brands we sell include Husqvarna and Helko. Each axe, hatchet and maul are intended to a number of different purposes. For example, a splitting maul can be used to split wood along the grain. With so many different products to choose from, you will easily find the right tool to suit your requirements right here at Skyland Equipment.

                    Made from strong wood to ensure a great grip and durability, each product is manufactured from high-grade steel along with a leather or rubber edge protector for safety.

                    AXES, HATCHETS & MAULS (25)

                    Husqvarna Hatchet - Wooden Shaft


                    Husqvarna Universal Hatchet H900


                    Husqvarna Hatchet


                    Stihl Forestry Hatchet AX 6


                    Husqvarna Carpenters Axe


                    Husqvarna Camping Axe


                    Husqvarna Forest Axe


                    Stihl AX 10 Forestry Axe


                    Husqvarna Universal Axe A1400


                    Husqvarna Universal Axe A2400


                    Husqvarna Large Splitting Axe


                    Muller Beaver Splitting Axe

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