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                If you work as an arborist, silviculturist or in any branch of the forestry industry then you not only need a range of high-quality forestry equipment but also the right wood cutting tools and logging equipment to make sure that you do a thorough and professional job.

                The amount of kit you need is, obviously, dictated by the type of job you are undertaking but you could need everything from hand saws, bow saws, machetes and axes through to chainsaws and blowing equipment. And that's before we even touch upon climbing and rigging equipment and even safety wear. The good news is that Skyland Equipment can cater for all of your equipment needs and we offer a broad range of felling equipment and pruning implements, from chainsaws to secateurs.

                Our stock list includes trusted brands such as Corona, Helko, Husqvarna and Oregon and covers everything you'll need for an efficient and quality job. For preparation purposes we stock a full range of Oregon marker paint and Husqvarna measuring tape and as far as wood cutting tools go we have axes from Helko and Husqvarna and saws and machetes from Corona. Other logging equipment includes splitting wedges, breaking bars and felling levers as well as lifting hooks and picks all by Oregon and Husqvarna.

                Our aim at Skyland Equipment is to be a one-stop shop for all your forestry equipment needs and so if you need anything that we don't appear to have listed then please do get in touch.

                Forestry (96)

                Silky Zubat Handsaw


                Silky BigBoy 2000 Folding Saw - Curved Blade


                Silky Gomtaro 300-8 Saw


                Husqvarna Breaking Bar With Cant Hook - 80cm


                Silky Gomtaro 300 Spare Blade


                Silky Folding Saw F-180


                Husqvarna Plastic Felling Wedge


                Stihl Plastic Felling Wedge


                Hi-Lift Wedge Replacement Wooden Shaft


                Silky Pocketboy 170-10 Folding Saw - Medium


                Muller Hi-Lift Wedge


                Silky Gomtaro 300-13 Saw - Fine Cut

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