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          Most countries have safety regulations that recommend the use of protective clothing for chainsaw operators. A chainsaw user's head is the most vulnerable to an accident and has to be protected with helmets, goggles, visors and earplugs. Recent decades have seen the development of special lightweight fabrics that can be used for protective apparel. These have to protect the body against any sudden and violent impact, yet be flexible enough to allow the wearer to work. Steel toe boots are a common feature in protective clothing for many industries.

          Haix chainsaw boots are protective footwear that has been designed to an exceptional standard. They are the leading world brand that serves the armed forces, police, firemen, coastguard and electrical technicians as well as chainsaw users. Haix chainsaw boots incorporate polyurethane foam that is injected into the sole and keeps the wearer's feet warm in cold areas. They have a raised arch and a deeper heel that keeps both the wearer's legs and back straight. A padded and articulated ankle allows the ankle to flex when the wearer needs to bend or move during his work. The toe cap in Haix chainsaw footwear is wider than the toe caps in other brands. This provides for air circulation around the toes and greater comfort to the wearer. There is an in-built air conditioning system that works as the wearer walks. Air permeable materials in the soles absorb air when the wearer's weight is lifted away.

          Haix (14)

          Haix Protector Ultra Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw Boots - Black


          Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw Boots - Orange


          Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Trekker Mountain 2.0


          Haix Blue Mountain Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Comfort Plus Insole


          Haix Boot Laces


          Haix Active Boot Polish


          Haix Boot Cleaning Brush Set


          Haix Protector Forest 2.0 - Red/Yellow


          HAIX Airpower XR22

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