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          At Skyland, we provide our customers with a wide range of chainsaw safety boots to choose from. These chainsaw boots are suitable for a range of conditions, so regardless of whether you're an expert arborist or are simply doing an odd job here and there, we have the footwear to suit your needs.

          Chainsaw protective boots are essential for anyone who will be carrying out work using a chainsaw, as they provide the protection a person needs when using this high-risk equipment. All of the boots we have in stock meet the safety requirements for working with chainsaws. The selection includes well-known brand names such as Haix, Arbortec and Meindl.

          We are the only established outlet to offer chainsaw boots in Liverpool, UK.

          Chainsaw boot protection comes in 3 levels, Class 1 to 3 with 3 being the most protection but also the heaviest, class 2 is the most popular giving you great protection with a comfortable weight.

          CHAINSAW BOOTS (27)

          Arbortec Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boots


          Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Protector Ultra Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Protector Forest Chainsaw Boots - Orange


          Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boots


          Haix Trekker Mountain 2.0


          Haix Blue Mountain Chainsaw Boots


          Pfanner Santis Chainsaw Boots


          Pfanner Pilatus Chainsaw Boots


          Pfanner Zermatt GTX Chainsaw Boots


          Pfanner Tirol Fighter Chainsaw Boots


          Lavoro Elite Chainsaw Boots

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