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Climbing Technology is a brand of Aludesign S.P.A, a company of over 25 years experience within the production of climbing equipment. All items are made in Italy and offer you the best quality to keep you safe and protected. CT has produced one of and if not the best foot ascender on the market today in the Quick Step. The Arbor X helmet is very light and strong with ventilation holes to keep you cool.

CT Climbing Technology (18)

CT Quick Step A Foot Ascender


CT Quick Step Replacement Strap


CT Quick Tree Spur Support


CT Quick Tree


CT QT Universal Support


CT Quick Arbor Ascender


CT Quick Roll Hand Ascender


CT Hand Ascender Quick Up Plus


CT Wire Gate Carabiner


CT Orbiter M Pulley


CT Dual Pulley


CT Roll 'N' Lock Ascender