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Climbing carabiners are a vital bit of kit to have with you when you climb trees. 4-Way and 3-Way locking are recommended to use for all life support carabiners. 2-Way and Non-Locking are used for carrying tools. Caritools are ideal for holding light tools such as cambium savers, pulleys and certain sized chainsaws from your harness.

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Beal Pinch Carabiner Retainer


Petzl Caritool Y


DMM Vault


Courant Honos - Small


Petzl Caritool Evo - Non Locking


Rock Exotica Transporter Carabiner


Edelrid Micro 0 Carabiner


Edelrid Micro 3 Carabiner


CT Wire Gate Carabiner


DMM XSRE -Carabiner


DMM Spectre 2


Petzl Ange L - Non-Locking