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DMM are a Welsh climbing equipment manufacturer that began life in 1981, becoming DMM in 1986 and gradually expanding into a larger company since that time. The company's onus has always been on functionally excellent equipment that doesn't break the bank and this philosophy, though simple, has resulted in innovative creations that are valued by climbers across the UK. DMM attempt to constantly push forward in terms of their product ranges and in the 21st century the company aims towards both the recreational climbing market as well as the industrial arena in terms of the products they offer.

DMM can boast of an extensive product line that covers a number of the needs that climbers and mountaineers face. DMM climbing products are designed for adults but options are also available for children. DMM climbing products include helmets, which are simple to adjust and offer durable and well-ventilated protection for mountaineering exploits. Ice axes are another useful item to have while on a peak and these winter climbing tools are manufactured in a few different styles by DMM. Options for ice axes tend to fall into a few categories, such as ski axes – which are especially light – and all-round ice axe tools.

DMM climbing products include a selection of ropes. The brand have used their experience in the climbing market to collaborate with a rope manufacturer from Europe on a range of ropes that cater to a variety of climbers' needs without creating a rope selection that's too expansive.

Other useful climbing tools included in the DMM range are locksafes. DMM offer lightweight locksafes that are still very much durable, enabling climbers to keep weight down without sacrificing utility.

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DMM Ultra Oval Carabiner - 3 Way


DMM Vault


DMM XSRE -Carabiner


DMM Anchor Ring


DMM Oval Steel Carabiner - 3 Way


DMM Shadow Carabiner - 3 Way


DMM Boa HMS 30kN Carabiner - 3 Way


DMM Pinto Pulley


DMM Tool Bag


DMM Hitch Climber Pulley


DMM PerfectO Locksafe Carabiner - 3 Way


DMM Pinto Rig Pulley