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With a range of high-performance chains, our selection of chains comes in a number of specialist models including low vibration chains. Many chains come equipped with “chisel” cutters to ensure a high production cutting of clean wood. Some of our chains come with a number of uses including felling, bucking and pruning. To choose the correct chain for your chainsaw, simply browse the competitive selection of saws available. Each chain comes with complete online description to ensure you are choosing a chain with the correct bar size and the number of drive links.


Husqvarna Saw Chain - H00 1/4" 1.3 mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - H25 .325" 1.5mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - H38 Chamfer Chisel PIXEL 3/8" mini 1.1


Husqvarna Saw Chain - H64 Micro Chisel .404'' 1.6 mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - X-CUT C85 Chisel 3/8” 1.5mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - X-CUT S93G Semi Chisel 3/8” mini 1.3mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - X-CUT SP21G 1.1 mm


Husqvarna Saw Chain - X-CUT SP33G Semi Chisel PIXEL .325" 1.3 mm


Husqvarna X-Cut Chain Package - Pixel 1.3mm


Oregon AdvanceCut Chain - 91VXL 3/8" 1.3mm


Oregon AdvanceCut Chain 91PX - 3/8 1.3mm


Oregon Chain 73EXL - 3/8 1.5mm