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                If you find trimming your trees and pruning your bushes something of a bind, a new top quality saw may just make life easier. There is now a range of saws from one of the leading brands in the field, Silky, that will go a long way to make trimming and pruning a pleasure.

                Silky saws are in fact, available in a variety of types and sizes. For example there are Silky hand saws, Silky folding saws and specialist landscaping saws. The Silky Curved Landscaping Hand Saw is proving to be one of the most popular in the range. Available in a range of sizes, the curved landscaping saw can cut through thick branches in just a few strokes. Inch-thick saplings are dealt with in one single stroke.

                Well balanced and exceptionally designed, the Silky Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw is another favourite. Allowing you to cut branches at a height of 20 feet and over, the telescoping saw features extra secure spring-activated buttons which permit the user to safely extend the saw by up to 21 feet.

                The Silky Folding Landscaping Hand Saw also known as the 'Pocketboy', makes an exceptionally handy tool for light to medium pruning. Featuring some 170 large teeth the saw is sharp, well constructed and, of course, handily foldable. For slightly heavier work, Pocketboy's older sibling the 'Bigboy' is ideal. With a 14 inch blade of extra large teeth, the Bigboy saw is able to cut through 8-inch logs in less than five minutes.

                Silky Saws (30)

                Silky Zubat Handsaw 330


                Silky Fox T-Shirt - BLACK


                Silky Gomtaro 300-8 Saw


                Silky Gomtaro Handsaw Spare Parts


                Silky Pocket Boy Folding Saw - 170-10 Medium Teeth




                Silky Gomtaro 300 Spare Blade


                Silky Zubat Arborist Handsaw 330mm


                Silky Folding Saw F-180

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