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This essential piece of safety equipment required when climbing or whilst carrying out forestry work needs to be strong and reliable so that even in a fall it stays on the head and provides the protection it is designed to deliver. The helmets on offer have been subject to stringent testing to ensure maximum protection for the head, face and hearing.

Chainsaw helmets have safety visors to protect against flying debris and also offer hearing protectors to prevent damage to the ears from the loud operating noise of the machinery. Visors are adjustable and provide good visibility including during wet conditions when the rain water will run off quickly. Hearing protectors are adjustable both vertically and sideways ensuring that all loud noise is eliminated in a comfortable manner. As with all helmets weight is an important factor, they are lightweight and easy to wear without compromising safety measures. Maintaining your balance when working high up or when climbing is important and these helmets are designed with this in mind, having fully adjustable systems inside which enable to wearer to achieve a custom fit to suit them. The system ensures centring and optimises stability.

A good climbing helmet offers good ventilation around the top of the head and a comfortable chin strap which can be fully adjusted, so once on the helmet will sit comfortably and offer the essential protection needed. Ventilation is generally adjustable so that the holes can be varied according to conditions. Climbing helmets also have fixings for optional headlamp, ear defenders and visor or face shield.


Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet


Petzl Vertex Vent Hi-Viz


Petzl Vertex Helmet


Petzl Strato Vent Helmet


Petzl Vertex Vent Complete


Husqvarna Technical Arborist Helmet


Protos Arborist Integral Helmet - Black


Protos Arborist Integral Helmet - White


Protos Arborist Integral Helmet - Olive