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When rigging in a situation when you need to be invisible in the dark the black gear is the equipment for you. We stock everything from buffs to carabiners to ropes in black for the theatre workers and also sand and olive for the tactical scenarios. Petzl and DMM are the names everyone in the industry trusts 100% and these are some of the brands we bring to you.


Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet


DMM Worksafe Rope - Black 11mm


Petzl Vertex Helmet


Haix Protector Pro 2.0 Chainsaw Boots


Petzl FIXE Pulley - Black - Tactical


Beal Intervention Black Rope


Petzl Rig - Black


Petzl Cordex Belay Gloves


Petzl Eashook Open - 2 way


Maillon Rapide Standard - Black


Petzl PAW Plate - Black


Rock Exotica Rock O Auto Lock - Black