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Echo CS-501SX Chainsaw Echo
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Echo CS-501SX Chainsaw

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Lighter than previous models with the same engine capacity and an extraordinary power to weight ratio the CS501SX is a must have forestry chainsaw.

    • The Euro 2 engine ensures extremely low emissions and dramatically reduces fuel consumption.
    • Inboard clutch, makes chain change and drive train maintenance much easier and faster
    • Secure sprocket nuts are fastened to the sprocket cover to prevent falling off while you remove the cover
    • Easy open fuel cap, the fuel filler cap can be easily opened by using the starter handle as a lever
    • Side chain tensioner, the lateral chain tension allows for easy and quick regulating the chain tension.
    • The oil pump is automatic and adjustable which reduces oil consumption while on tick over.
    • Check fuel levels easily with the semi transparent fuel tank


Engine displacement 50.2cc
Dry weight * 4.7kg
Output 2.57kW/3.5 ps
Saw chain pitch .325 in
Guide bar length 16/18"
Guide bar gauge 0.058in
Fuel tank capacity 0.5 litre

* Without guide bar and saw chain