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Oregon Guidebar Versacut - Stihl .325
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Oregon Guidebar Versacut - Stihl .325" -1.6mm

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The Oregon VersaCut Guide Bar for the Stihl saws is the ideal solution for arborists, orchardists and other professionals who encounter every type of tree, shrub or limb during their workday. The chainsaw bar is designed to perform a wide range of professional applications, it offers the versatility and durability you need to work in an ever-changing environment. A new aluminium core lightens SpeedCut bars by 20% when compared to Oregon Pro-Lite bars, reducing operator fatigue. The large radius nose features a new bearing-grade steel sprocket assembly that resists spreading and wear. LubriTec keeps your chain and bars oiled increasing the life of the bar while decreasing friction.

  • Fits Stihl Machines (MS261-MS260-026-260)
  • Provides better balance on smaller saws
  • More precise cutting from a stiffer bar
  • Lighter weight means less fatigue
  • Longer nose life and better performance with a new sprocket nose system
  • Reduced rail wear and more precise cutting via better chain fitup


  • Chain pitch - .325"
  • Chain Gauge - 1.6mm - 0.63"
  • Sprocket Nose Tooth Count - 12T
Available sizes
  • 15"Chain requires 62 drive links
  • 16" Chain requires 67 drive links
  • 18" Chain requires 74 drive links
  • 20" Chain requires 81 drive links