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Silky Hayauchi Polesaw - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Silky Hayauchi Polesaw - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Silky Hayauchi Polesaw - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Silky Hayauchi Polesaw

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A true professional heavy-duty pole saw with three extendable poles to reach heights of 6.3 metres. The HAYAUCHI blade is a 4-ROW saw with 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The upper sickle is used to cut vines, the lower sickle to undercut bark allowing a clean cut without tearing. The blade is adjustable to 2 angles for lower or higher cutting.

The aluminium alloy extension pole has a racetrack profile, giving precise control to the direction of the saw blade, especially important for high cutting. This also gives strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing bending to the minimum. Push buttons allow multiple length adjustments and safety clamps hold the extensions firmly in place. A rubber hand-grip ensures good hold and control.

The pole saw arrives with - 1 x 360mm blade and 1 x scabbard.

SHIPING - We cannot ship to ZONES C, D & E


Fully extended lengths (including blade length):

It is available in 3 different lengths -

  • HAYAUCHI 1 extension reach 3.7m
  • HAYAUCHI 2 extensions reach 4.9m
  • HAYAUCHI 3 extensions reach 6.3m


  • Teeth are set in such a way that they appear to be 4 rows of them. These are rough cutting hand saws for heavier tasks. They can rip-cut, cross-cut and slant-cut.
  • Hard chrome plating produces an exceedingly hard, durable surface, which makes the blades resistant to rust and the effects of resin. They are finely or mirror polished and wipe clean easily
  • Almost all Silky saws have rubber compound elastomer handles, either inserted or vulcanised to ABS plastic or steel. Rubber handles are more comfortable to hold, reduce vibration and offer superior grip in the cold and wet.