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Stein Copious ATOL E2E - 75cm x 9mm Stein
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Stein Copious ATOL E2E - 75cm x 9mm

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Many climbers are now realising and understanding the virtues of working on more technical friction hitches. Many of these hitches require friction cords with different properties and to have a sewn termination to allow the hitch to be dressed on the hardware correctly

STEIN ATOL Accessory Cord has a hard-wearing 16 plait Polyester cover with a braided Polyester core. ATOL is ideal for use as a prusik and other friction hitches, offering easy knot tying and good grip due to its anti-kink construction.

Polyester accessory cords require rigorous inspection on a regular basis before, during, and after each climb.

Length (m) .75
Spliced Eye No
Standard EN795 (B)
Construction Double Braid
Over Braid 32-Strand
Material (outer) Polyester
Material (inner) Polyester
Spliceability No
Manufacturer STEIN
Line Diameter 9.0mm
Application DRT & SRT
Sewn Eye Yes