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BISON 1879 Ceramic Grinding Stone DUO Grit - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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BISON 1879 Ceramic Grinding Stone DUO Grit

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Different surfaces for different purposes. The Bison Grinding Stone DUO features a ceramic abrasive, double sided for coarse and fine grinding . The 180-grit coarse surface is used for maintenance and repair of damage from hard wear. For light routine daily maintenance and light touch up of the cutting edge, the 600-grit fine surface is used for more precise fine grinding.

The stone profile is rectangular for a convenient motion along the blade edge. Built with a grain structure that is tough and long-lasting. The stone can be used with water for a smoother transition, but can also be used dry.


Axes are very long-lasting tools that don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, a few little tricks can greatly extend the lifespan of your axe. Before storing the axe for a long period of time the blade should be lightly greased to prevent corrosion on the surface. Axes keep best when stored at normal humidity. If the wood dries out, it shrinks and looses it’s ability to flex and absorb vibrations. Similarly, too humid conditions can harm the wood aswell. Never soak a loose handle in water to re-attach it to the head, instead, seek professional assistance.

  • Always grind the axe according to its intended area of use and try to maintain the original shape and grind angle.
  • Remove larger damages with a file at first. In doing so the radius and shape of the cutting edge cannot change, because otherwise the entire edge needs to be reworked.
  • Afterwards, take your Bison Ceramic Grinding Stone DUO and grind the cutting edge with the coarse side of the stone until the original shape is retained.
  • Then sharpen the blade with the finer side of the stone and polish away the scratches that the coarse grind may have created. Applying some grease to the surface will help create a smoother finish.
  • The cutting edge needs to be exactly centered and ground evenly on both sides to avoid an uneven edge.


    • Rectangular size – 80 x 30 x 15mm
    • Coarse grit surface – 180
    • Fine grit surface – 600

    Bison 1879 Grinding Stone Holster

    Keep your grinding stone safely stored and handy in this Bison leather holster. Robustly stitched and punched for durability.