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Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet
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Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet



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A newly designed, sturdy yet lightweight protective helmet with ear protection.


  • The helmet can be adjusted in several ways to suit your particular needs. A new, innovative ventilation system generates a comfortable temperature for your head, vents are infilled with fine mesh to prevent the ingress of debris and moisture.
  • The visor has been re-designed for better protection of your face and, above all, give you perfect visibility both when folded up or down.
  • Hearing protection with FM radio is optional and a headlamp slot is integrated into the helmet.
  • Product information Colour Fluorescent Colour Orange Pre-ventilated
  • Date marking
  • Approvals Approved for low temperature -30° C / -22° F Approved for high temperature 50° C / 122.01° F Recommended for use in combination with a visor
  • SNR - 26 dB (A)
  • EN397