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Meindl Wet Proof Spray
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Meindl Wet Proof Spray

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Meindl Wet proof is designed for improving the water-resistance of your boot or shoe.

You can use it on almost any footwear whether it is leather, nubuck or fabric. Meindl recommends that you use it every third time your boots are cleaned Spraying is best done when your boots are not completely dry after cleaning, this means the pores are still open and the product can penetrate deeper.

  • Spray the wet proof onto your footwear, leave for 5 minutes and then spray again.
  • Leave to dry out.
  • 125ml

Very good results can be achieved if you alternate its use with traditional wax for smooth leather footwear. You can either spray on before waxing for best results or use it instead of wax every other time.