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Teufelberger tRex Loopie

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The tREX Loopies are endless slings for rigging applications developed by TEUFELBERGER. The 12.7mm diameter version comes in orange and white and has a breaking strength of 5700 daN at 0-degree pull.

The 15.9mm diameter version comes in orange and yellow and has a breaking strain of 8500 daN at 0-degree pull.

The adjustable endless slings are made up of the new tREX ropes for rigging applications. They are ideally suited for the knotless attachment of a block to the top of a tree, or for the installation of deflection points. These endless slings are available in many different sizes.

Sizing available is 1.5M in the 12.7mm diameter or 3.5M in the 15.9mm diameter.

The benefits of the tREX Loopies are:

  • Suppleness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High-vis
  • Colour fastness