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Petzl is a company that provides safety equipment for sporting activities as well as for professionals that work at heights or in other precarious situations. Their harnesses, headlamps and other associated equipment will keep you safe and secure whether you are at work or play. Tree surgery equipment is now so advanced from the days of 3 strand rope and a couple of carabiners and this is where they come into their own.

The Petzl Zigzag and Zillon are groundbreaking pieces of equipment designed to make life easier and safer in the tree.

The Vertex helmets are the leading safety helmet in all industries today.

Petzl Climbing Gear

Petzl has also developed some amazing pieces for IRATA / Rope Access sector from the Asap lock to the Grigri 2. If your job involves working at heights or in confined spaces you will need the protection of harnesses and helmets to ensure your safety. A Petzl helmet can include venting to keep your head cool and integrated lights for work in darker areas whilst keeping your hands free. Petzl tree climbing gear includes the Petzl Zigzag, Zillon and many more specialised pieces of equipment that conform to relevant safety standards as well as pulleys to help your ascent and protectors to keep your rope from fraying on the rough bark. Those who work in a job that involves rescuing others may need specialist equipment to get themselves and any injured people out of danger safely. A Petzl harness comes in a range of styles and types such as chest harnesses and seat harnesses to help you get the position you need to carry out your job comfortably. Fall arrest devices and shock absorbers can be used together to slow and stop you if you fall and anchors attach your ropes to many different surfaces they can provide everything you need for climbing and height activities; from day to day ropes and pulleys for recreational climbing to specialist ski lift rescue equipment, along with comfortable hard wearing helmets and harnesses.

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Petzl Vertex Vent Helmet