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Tree climbing ascenders and descenders come in all types of form from rope to mechanical forms. The mechanical forms include the Petzl Zigzag and the ART SpiderJack both of which are engineered to improve the speed, control and energy use of the tree climber. Marlow Ropes, Beal and Teufelberger produce excellent friction cord for prusik loops and other climbing knots for the standard way of ascending.


Petzl Zigzag / Chicane


Rock Exotica Akimbo


Petzl Zigzag Plus


Petzl Zigzag


Petzl Chicane


ART Lockjack 2 Sport - Basic


ART Lockjack 2 Sport - Swivel


ART SpiderJack 2.1 Velcro-Dyneema Option


ART Spiderjack 3


Notch RopeRunner Pro


ISC Rope Wrench - Double Tether


ISC Squirrel Tether