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One of the main issues of owning a chainsaw is that sooner or later, the chain will need sharpening. Whether you are a weekend gardener using it to trim a hedge or cut logs, or a professional tree surgeon using it daily, you know the chain is dull when it get stuck in the wood and emits dust instead of wood chips.

One of the easiest ways of refreshing a dull chain is to sharpen it using a hand file. But this requires skill and a careful positioning of the file's angle against the chain. The Oregon chainsaw sharpener is a professional sharpening tool that can refresh the chain while it is still attached to the chainsaw. It uses two guide bars to clamp the chain into position at exactly the correct angle for sharpening. It can be used on chains with a pitch of between ½ and ¼ of an inch.

The Oregon chainsaw sharpener has a motor that operates at 3400 rpm. It incorporates safety features such as a large shield that covers the grinding wheel and protects the user.

The Oregon Powersharp system is a fast, durable and easy to use tool that will sharpen a chain while you have a job underway. It comes as a portable bar-mount attachment together with a guide bar, sharpening stone and Powersharp chain. The available guide bar lengths are 12, 14 and 16 inches.

The Oregon Powersharp system produces an exact alignment between the cutter and honing surface making for a perfect angle. It can be adapted to most well-known models of chainsaws.

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