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Rigging pulleys are essential tools used in tree work to facilitate safe and efficient lifting, lowering, and redirecting of heavy loads. They form a crucial part of a tree worker's equipment and are commonly employed in various applications such as tree removals, limb lowering, and tree rescue operations. Rigging pulleys are designed to reduce the effort required to move heavy objects and provide mechanical advantage through the use of multiple sheaves or wheels.


DMM Impact Block - Large Pulley


DMM Impact Block - Small Pulley


DMM Impact Block - XS


ISC Large Rigging Pulley


ISC Medium Rigging Pulley


ISC Small Rigging Pulley


ISC Compact Rigging Pulley


ISC 200 Series Rigging Pulley - Upto 16mm Ropes


ISC 200 Series Rigging Pulley - Upto 14mm Ropes


Treehog 100kN Pulley Block


ISC Rigging Rope Wrench - 120kg


DMM Pinto Rig Pulley