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          Tree climbing and cutting is a skill in itself and needs to be done safely, here you will find everything you need to for tree work.

          Arborist equipment is now at the cutting edge of any professional job that requires climbing. Petzl, DMM and Teufelberger are too name a few of the brands producing the equipment in the industry today.

          Tree climbing harnesses to climbing ropes to carabiners, we here at Skyland Equipment have it all for you to deliver your job on time. Before setting out and discovering the adventurous new skill you need to buy the correct equipment. Top of your list should be the appropriate rope. Any rope you use should be twice as long as the tree is high. This means you will have plenty of free rope. It is also important to avoid twist construction rope and stick with a braided rope of between 11mm and 13 mm in diameter.

          Other tree climbing gear you will need before you get going is in part designed to protect you but also designed to protect the trees, which are living things, unlike rock. Branch protectors are sleeves that loop over the limbs of the tree to protect it from the cutting friction of the ropes. For protecting yourself tree gear is similar to rock climbing kit. First on the list should be a quality helmet to keep your skull safe. Beyond that a good harness is essential and a number of tree specific ones are on sale, which has wider more padded straps for extended hanging around. On top of these, you should get some gloves to protect your hands from rope burn. The last thing you will need is a throw bag to help you get your ropes set up before you get going.

          Tree Work (403)

          Marlow Boa Prusik Sling Loop - 9mm


          Lyon Webbing Sling - 18mm


          Texora Compact Round Sling


          Lyon Webbing Sling - 25mm


          Treehog Throw Bag


          Marlow Split Tail - 13mm


          Teufelberger Ocean Polyester E2E


          Petzl Caritool


          Marlow Excel Throw Line


          Stein 25mm Bungee Tool Strop - Yellow


          DMM Vault


          DMM XSRE -Carabiner

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