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German climbing gear manufacturer Edelrid is a subsidiary of the mountain sports specialist VAUDE, founded in 1974, but the brand actually began in the 1950s and as such has a legacy of producing reliable technical climbing equipment. Edelrid in the 21st century create products that keep people safe but also come in a variety of colours so that the users can suit their own personal style. Innovation is also a buzzword when it comes to Edelrid climbing equipment. 

Edelrid (59)

Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


Edelrid Core Triple Lock Harness - Night


Edelrid Finn III Childs Harness - Icemint


Edelrid Flex Lite Harness


Edelrid Kids Shield II Helmet


Edelrid Talon Tree Spurs - Spikes


Edelrid Spurs Padding Talon


Edelrid Talon Spurs Lower Straps System


Edelrid Talon Spurs Calf Upper Straps


Edelrid Replacement Spurs/Spikes For Talon


Edelrid Cambium Saver


Edelrid Twister Triple Carabiner