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German climbing gear manufacturer Edelrid is a subsidiary of the mountain sports specialist VAUDE, founded in 1974, but the brand actually began in the 1950s and as such has a legacy of producing reliable technical climbing equipment. Edelrid in the 21st century create products that keep people safe but also come in a variety of colours so that the users can suit their own personal style. Innovation is also a buzzword when it comes to Edelrid climbing equipment. 

Edelrid (47)

Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


Edelrid TreeRex Bungee Chest


Edelrid TreeRex Rope Bridge Set


Edelrid TreeRex SRT Bridge


Edelrid Woodpecker Climbing Orange Rope 1-SPT - 11.7mm


Edelrid Dynosaw ABS Tool Strop


Edelrid Talon Tree Spurs - Spikes


Edelrid Replacement Spurs/Spikes For Talon


Edelrid Spike Protector


Edelrid Talon Upper Bindings


Edelrid Spurs Padding Talon


Edelrid Talon Spurs Lower Straps System