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German climbing gear manufacturer Edelrid is a subsidiary of the mountain sports specialist VAUDE, founded in 1974, but the brand actually began in the 1950s and as such has a legacy of producing reliable technical climbing equipment. Edelrid in the 21st century create products that keep people safe but also come in a variety of colours so that the users can suit their own personal style. Innovation is also a buzzword when it comes to Edelrid climbing equipment. One of the primary products Edelrid is noted for are its ropes. Among the rope types available is the Eagle Dry rope, a single, lightweight product suitable for a range of conditions and weather types. The rope's handling is boosted by Edelrid's Pro Shield and Thermo Shield treatments, which keep climbers safe whether hanging from a cliff face in the wet or situated on an alpine peak in the sun. Other products in the Edelrid ropes range include 40 metre climbing ropes. Climbers need rope bags for all those ropes and here Edelrid provide too, with caddy bags that hook onto a person's shoulder and stay stable throughout activity, meaning that the rope doesn't spill out of the side of the bag. Edelrid caddy rope bags utilise cylindrical tarp pouches allowing for the easy putting away of the rope when finished. Another essential bit of climbing kit is the harness and again, this is something Edelrid manufacture. For example, the Tree Magic Edelrid harness has been designed by the inventor Hubert Kowalewski and combines flexibility and a light design to ensure climbers are kept in place without a huge amount of hassle or weight. A number of gear loops are used for equipment storage.

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Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock Harness


Edelrid Core Triple Lock Harness - Night


Edelrid Finn III Childs Harness - Icemint


Edelrid Flex Lite Harness


Edelrid Basic Fix II


Edelrid Air Lounge Seat


Edelrid UltraLight Work Helmet


Edelrid Kids Shield II Helmet


Edelrid Talon Tree Spurs - Spikes


Edelrid Spurs Padding Talon


Edelrid Talon Spurs Lower Straps System