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Marlow ropes are British made ropes which use the best quality materials and which have leading edge technology at the forefront of their design and creation. The company has a long history in rope making and is a leading manufacturer with worldwide recognition. Using high tech and exotic man-made fibres Marlow ropes produce strong, reliable, top quality ropes for a variety of purposes including leisure, industrial and for fire and rescue services. All the ropes deliver the performance expected of them, providing strength and security they are designed to perform in all climbing and forestry situations.

At the point of design and manufacture they undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum performance against abrasion, stretching, deterioration caused by UV rays and other wear and tear making them amongst the best ropes available in the world.

The range includes the original gecko rope which has been a longstanding market leader and the newer Aeris rope which is a lightweight rope designed for weight saving. Additional features include improved gripping qualities and a water resistant coating which prevents the rope from absorbing water and becoming too heavy in wet conditions. These features sit alongside the excellent resistance to abrasion expected of top quality ropes.

The gecko ropes have been designed specifically for arborists and as such are strong, supple and extremely hard wearing. Marlow tree climbing rope is available with spliced or sewn eye terminations and is available in several standard lengths. The range is complemented with throw bag and whoopie slings.

Marlow (30)

Marlow Boa Prusik Sling Loop - 9mm


Marlow Split Tail - 13mm


Marlow Excel Throw Line


Marlow Viper Prusik Loop 8mm


Marlow Boa Friction Cord - 9mm


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 14mm


Marlow Viper Vectran Friction Cord - 8mm


Marlow Dyneema Throw Line 50m


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 16mm


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 12mm


Marlow Wirecore Flip Line


Marlow Raptor Dead Eye Sling