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Harness accessories are essential tools for maximizing safety and functionality during various activities. From adjustable straps to reflective patches, these add-ons enhance comfort and visibility, ensuring a secure fit for both humans and animals. Explore a wide range of harness accessories to customize and optimize your harness system.

Harness Accessories (42)

Petzl Chest'Air


Petzl Shoulder Straps for SEQUOIA SRT


Edelrid TreeRex Bungee Chest


Courant Koala Chest Harness


Petzl Top Chest Harness


TreeMotion Shoulder Straps


treeMOTION evo Harness Stitched Rope Bridge


Teufelberger treeMOTION EVO Harness Webbing Bridge


Teufelberger Treemotion Replacement Bridge


Teufelberger treeMOTION EVO x2 Knotted Bridge Replacements


Teufelberger TreeJack Sliding D-Band Bridge


Bridge for Petzl SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT Harnesses - PRE 2019