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    With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden products. We let high performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and accessories, including everything from chainsaws and power cutters to robotic lawnmowers.

    Husqvarna Chainsaws

    The chainsaws Husqvarna produce are world-renowned, light and powerful with tons of torque. The Husqvarna 550XP, for example, is the perfect chainsaw for ground use, pushing the Husqvarna brand to the maximum.

    Husqvarna PPE

    The PPE the Husqvarna produce is tough, durable, top quality and looks great giving you the professional look. The Husqvarna Technical Extreme range is the premium of the lot and the Husqvarna Technical 24 chainsaw boots are one of the most popular chainsaw boots chosen by the professionals today.

    HUSQVARNA (435)

    Husqvarna Combi Fuel Can


    Husqvarna Saw Chain - H25 .325" 1.5mm


    Husqvarna XP 2-Stroke Oil - 1L


    Husqvarna Technical 20 Chainsaw Gloves


    Husqvarna Ear Defenders


    Husqvarna Classic Forest Helmet


    Husqvarna Braces Leather


    Husqvarna LS 2-Stroke Oil - 1L


    Husqvarna Technical Work Shirt - Short Sleeve


    Husqvarna Round Files - 12 Pack


    Husqvarna Lifting Timber Tongs


    Husqvarna T-Shirt - Navy