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Originally arborist rope would have simply been appropriated from climbing shops, but now with more accurate length and safety, rope for tree climbing can be specially bought. Without a doubt, tree climbing rope is the single most important piece of kit you will buy before setting out and up some trees. The best quality rope is important because it may be the difference between life and death if a rotten bough snaps on your ascent. Once you have bought ropes always check them carefully with your eyes and hands before you rely on them. As a rough guide tree ropes come in diameters of 11mm to 13mm and should be at least twice the length of the tree you intend to climb. This means that if you plan to scale a fifty-foot tree you will need a hundred feet of rope. The ropes you choose should be semi-static for DDRT or static for SRT.

DDRT - when you use one rope but you double it up by placing the rope over or through an anchor point and back down to your harness. 11.5mm to 13mm are better suited.

SRT - is when you use one rope and only climb with the single rope going straight up to the tree. 11mm to 11.7mm ropes are better suited.

ROPES (40)

Teufelberger Fly Spliced Rope- 11mm


Teufelberger Chameleon - 11mm x 50m


Teufelberger Tachyon Spliced Rope - Orange 11.5mm


Teufelberger Tachyon Spliced Rope - Ash 11.5mm


Teufelberger Tachyon spLIFE Rope - Green 11.5mm


Teufelberger Tachyon spLIFE Rope - Double Splice


Petzl Flow Green Spliced Rope - 11.6mm


Petzl Flow Orange Spliced Rope - 11.6mm


Marlow Vega - Orange 11.7mm


Courant Komora Spliced Rope - 11.7mm


Marlow Vega Spliced Rope - Orange 11.7mm


Stein OUTBACK ACR-24 Spliced Rope - 11.7mm