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Robust and efficient pulleys designed for rope access work. These pulleys feature durable construction, smooth-running bearings, and low-friction sheaves, enabling seamless rope movement. With high load capacities and multiple attachment points, they facilitate efficient hauling, rigging, and change of direction in vertical operations. Essential for safe and effective rope access tasks.


Petzl REEVE Carriage Pulley


DMM Keanu Rigging Trolley


Beal Transf'air 1 Pulley


Beal Transf'air 2 Double Pulley


Beal Transf'Air Twin B


CT Orbiter L - Triple Pulley


CT Dual Pulley


DMM Gyro PM Pulley


DMM Pinto Pulley


DMM Pinto Rig Pulley


DMM Revolver Rig - 3 Way


DMM Rigger Pulley