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Forestry and tree work requires more than just wood cutting tools, logging equipment and arborist machinery as you also need the right safety and rigging equipment. We have everything you could need to complete any felling or silvicultural work.

We have top of the range equipment from DMM, Petzl, Teufelberger and Marlow offering a range of rigging supplies such as ropes, pulleys, carabiners, slings and anything else you may need for safe and effective tree rigging. When you are working with trees and heavy, not to mention dangerous, machinery then you know that a quality climbing rope is essential and so our Teufelberger Sirius ropes have a unique three-strand core that reduces extension under heavy loads and offers improved breaking strength. But good tree rigging equipment is not just about the quality of the rope, you also need good solid rigging plates, carabineers and impact blocks for when loads are dropped into rigging with considerable force.

Our DMM rigging plates are made from heat treated aluminium, which makes them incredibly strong, light and versatile while our DMM carabiners are made from cold forged and heat treated steel for maximum strength and durability and have an offset D shape which maximises gate clearance. The DMM pulleys we supply are suitable for arborist work and hauling applications which have deviations or where friction reduction is required.

Our Marlow Whoopie Slings are adjustable so that one sling can do multiple jobs offering great durability without the need for PU coating. Furthermore, the Marlow Whoopie Sling Extreme is up to five times lighter and 40% stronger than our standard slings.

Tree Rigging (80)

Lyon Webbing Sling - 18mm


Lyon Webbing Sling - 25mm


Treehog Rigging Sling


Lyon Protective Sling


DMM Oval Steel Carabiner - 3 Way


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 14mm


DMM Pinto Rig Pulley


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 16mm


Marlow DRACO Rigging Rope - 12mm


Husqvarna Rope Bag


Marlow Raptor Dead Eye Sling


DMM Dynatec Dyneema Sling - 8mm