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Tree Climbing Harnesses

A comfortable and secure tree climbing harness is an essential piece of kit, but it has to be one that fits your style of working. Some work requires a higher degree of manoeuvrability, whilst for other jobs, comfort is the main priority.


Teufelberger Treemotion PRO Harness


Courant Koala Harness


Teufelberger Treemotion Essential Harness


Edelrid TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


Petzl Sequoia Tree Climbing Harness


Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness


Treehog TH5000 Work Positioning Harness


Treehog TH7000 Harness


Petzl Avao Sit Harness


Petzl Avao Sit Fast Harness


Courant Platform Safety Kit


Petzl Shoulder Straps for SEQUOIA SRT