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The core components of arborist SRT equipment include a static or semi-static climbing rope, a climbing harness, mechanical ascenders, and descent devices. The climbing rope is specifically designed to withstand the stresses and strains of tree climbing, providing the necessary strength and flexibility. The climbing harness is worn by the arborist and serves as a secure attachment point to the rope.


Petzl Sequoia SRT Harness


Petzl Shoulder Straps for SEQUOIA SRT


Edelrid TreeRex Bungee Chest


4SRT Chester


4SRT Chester Solo


Rock Exotica Akimbo


Petzl Chicane


Teufelberger X-Static Rope - 11.7mm X 60M


Teufelberger X-Static Rope - 11.7mm


Petzl Knee Ascent


The HAAS Velox


4SRT Floop for Chainsaw Boot