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Champion Spark Plug - RCJ7Y - Handheld Machinery - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Champion Spark Plug - RCJ7Y - Handheld Machinery


Champion spark plug RCJ7Y equivalent to NGK BPMR7A 

Champion standard spark plugs use a copper core, for improved conduction, and traditional electrode designs. Champion standard spark plugs remain the best option for vintage cars, motorcycles and garden equipment.

Champion spark plugs have been specially designed for chain saw, brush cutter and lawn mower applications.

  • They work very reliably at idle and also at maximum output which is the main requirement for these demanding applications.
  • Designed to prevent the combustion deposits which cause misfiring and internal damage.
  • Their special design provides durability and high resistance to vibration.
  • Gap size 0.5mm
  • Thread diameter M14x1.25

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