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ISC Large Swing Cheek Pulley - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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ISC Large Swing Cheek Pulley

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  • Manufacturer: ISC

Single Pulley for 16mm ropes, it has a minimum breaking strength of approximately 7 ton and working load limit of 3.5 ton.

Pulleys in our Heavy-duty Prussik range have tamper-proof Rivets, in compliance with CE EN12278 (2007) & NFPA (1983)*

These Pulleys are available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel, with Bushings or Roller Bearings.  Bushings are ideal for high loads at low speeds and Roller Bearings are ideal for low loads at high speeds.


  • Rigging
  • Rescue
  • Hauling
Colour Red
Diameter (mm) 16
Manufacturer ISC
Application Rigging
Material Aluminium
Min Breaking Strength (kN) 70
Length (mm) 156
Width (mm) 106
Weight (g) 463
Standard EN12278:98
Finish Anodised
Serial Number Yes
Proof Tested Yes
Cheek Action Swing

    Approved Standards

    • CE Approved
    • Individually Serial Numbered