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Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain, 100 foot reel 3/8
Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain, 100 foot reel 3/8
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Oregon 91VXL Saw Chain, 100 foot reel 3/8" Low Profile 0.50"/1.3mm Semi-Chisel

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The Oregon 91VXL is a high performance 3/8" Low Profile™ chain that is ideal for arborists and orchardists who are looking to get professional-level performance from their lightweight chainsaws. This 12", .050" gauge chain features cutter top-plates for longer cutting life. The low vibration, semi-chisel cutters provide an aggressive cutting edge with a forgiving sharpening profile.
  • Top performing square-corner “Chisel” cutters.
  • Bumper drive links reduce kick back.
  • Vibe-Ban™ chassis design reduces vibration 25% or more at the handles.
  • Lubrilink™ tie straps help keep oil where it is needed-on the chain.
  • Top plate witness mark makes accurate sharpening easier.
  • Recommended for saws of 50cc to 100cc and bars from 13” to 24”(33 to 60cm).
  • Oregon® patented OCS-01 steel is designed to have long-lasting durability in the toughest conditions, including low temperatures


Pitch 3/8"

Gauge .050"/1.3mm