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Sugihara Light Pro Chainsaw Bar - Stihl 3/8
Sugihara Light Pro Chainsaw Bar - Stihl 3/8
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Sugihara Light Pro Chainsaw Bar - Stihl 3/8"LP 1.3mm/0.50

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Sugihara single piece pro guide bar lightweight version made for Stihl chainsaws. Sections have been laser cut and filled with rigid lightweight resin. Superb balance, durability and smaller replaceable sprocket nose to give more control. A unique bar designed to be used by professional arborists.
Sugihara Quality *Manufactured and polished to perfection from the highest quality steel
  • Solid Steel Construction GuidebarSuper wear-resistant rails

  • Even heat distribution which reduces rail cracking chipping

    • Extreme bar resiliency prevents permanent bending

    • Pitch- 3/8" Low Profile
    • Gauge 1.3mm/0.50
    • Available lengths 12-14" / 30-35cm
    • 12" - 390 grams
    • 14" - 515 grams
    Fits the following models

    • MS200T
    • MS201T
    • MS180/181