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Teufelberger FimblSaver - Cambium Saver - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Teufelberger FimblSaver - Cambium Saver - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Teufelberger FimblSaver - Cambium Saver

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The fimblSAVER has several new technological features and completes TEUFELBERGER’s range of cambium savers.

Using two stainless steel thimbles the fimblSAVER ensures that the climbing rope move's smooth while working in the canopy. The friction is only slightly higher than that encountered when using a pulleySAVER. Retrieving the cambium saver is made easy thanks to the long tapering seam. Since the fimblSAVER is easy to install from the ground, it closes the gap between the multiSAVER and the pulleySAVER.

The flmblSAVER is not only durable and robust it also has an impressive high breaking load.

Available in two different lengths, 1.25 metres and 2 metres.

The following parts are replaceable:

    • Ocean Polyester Loop
    • Retrieval Cone


  • Diameter - 15mm
  • Min breaking strength - 40kN

Certified to :

EN 795B:1996, EN 795B:2012, ANSI Z133-2012