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Teufelberger Fly Spliced Rope- 11mm - Skyland Equipment Ltd
Teufelberger Fly Spliced Rope- 11mm - Skyland Equipment Ltd
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Teufelberger Fly Spliced Rope- 11mm

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Fly is one of the most popular 11mm ropes on the market today for tree climbers as it is ideally balanced with a polyester cover and polyamide core. Teufelberger has engineered this rope to stay firm and round which helps to prevent glazing when used with hardware. Comes with a slaiced eye allowing excellent use with cambium savers, the rope also ties and holds knots well.


  • Low Stretch (1.5% elongation)
  • Durable polyester cover
  • 11mm diameter
  • Resists flattening and glazing


    • Elongation - 1.5% (50 - 150kg)
    • Knotability - 0.50 (k1,2)
    • Min breaking strength - 2400 daN (free length), 1500 daN (slaiced)
    • Construction - 24 strand
    • 1 x slaiced eye

  • Colour - red and white
  • CE0408
  • EN1891:1988

Slaiced is a spliced eye with the inner cord removed for compatibility.

Why would you buy this?

If you are climbing SRT this is a great rope as it is thin with a little stretch. More towards the advanced technique climber rather than the starter.